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Types of Psychic Abilities

Why Type of Psychic Ability Matters

Certain reading topics (the future, contact with a loved one on the other side, etc.) may be best suited to particular types of psychic abilities (clairvoyants, mediums, etc.) For instance, if you are wishing to contact a loved one who has crossed over, then you should seek an authentic psychic medium. All psychics are not mediums. Some readers can see what is in your physical surroundings, which is an excellent talent called remote viewing but is not a skill match for your relationship or your career question.

Below are a few descriptions of various "sixth sense" types of psychic abilities and what they mean.






Remote Viewing




Channeling Spirits

While we detail a number of types of psychic ability above, the SelectPsychics 100 top psychics often employ two or three types of psychic abilities simultaneously, such as precognition (predicting a future event), clairvoyance (seeing a picture in the mind's eye), and clairsentience (clear sensing).  The SelectPsychics authentic psychic readers focus primarily on psychic consultation, so the below description of types of psychic abilities will not detail abilities like psychic faith healing (healing by the "laying of hands") and telekinesis (the movement of objects by ones mind).

SelectPsychics list of top 100 psychics will allow you to explore readers of all types of of psychic abilities.