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I recently felt called to get into your line of work. I felt pulled to a case but it is my first case and I do not know how to proceed. My attempts to come forward with what I know have been rebuffed or ill received. Any advise? Would you be willing to do a reading for me to verify my investigation?

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* I See with extreme clarity events and locations.
* I hear and see the dead.
* I see and hear divine guidance.
* I work with the angelic kingdom.
* I feel events and others feelings.
* I hear information surrounding events.
* I see holographic incidents and events.

December 2, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterK McNeill

"This would be considered unacceptable professional behavior in any organization, but for an attorney working in the White House to have engaged in this type of deception, this should probably be grounds for his termination."-Replay high end jeans
This, of course, assumes the ethics and integrity of those making these decisions. (Cue wild laughter.)