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I just lost my baby and its very hard t cope with...i need to know if my baby is OK.

July 23, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMichelle

first please know that your baby is just fine and can watch you for your life. you can also just start talking out loud if you need to she will hear you. and if you dream and you can rememebr all of the dream the next day then it was your souls connecting and you really were together.
Make sure you get yourself some help, talk to your doctor you might even need somes meds for now to help you learn how to life a full life. I know people always "oh you'll getover it" BULL you never get over it you do however learn how to live with it.
I send you love and Gods light that you will KNOW that the lord has all the babies that pass and nevers leaves any of them alone when they go to him. So yes YOUR BABY IS SAFE AND HAPPY AND ALRIGHT. Now take care of you!!!!

November 1, 2009 | Unregistered Commentervicci

It is my understanding that all souls go to the afterlife in the presence of the light we call God and appear there as they would have looked as young adults. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, and the energy of your baby's life force is eternal, as is yours. Not only can you be in touch with your baby, but you will reunite after you both have shed your molecular bodies forever, so your child is not truly lost to you. Communicate with it any time you like, and also when you think of it, listen and be sensitive for the feeling of its presence and emotions. It knows it was loved, and that bond never dies. Honor your child's life by doing something kind for other infants in this life; perhaps a small monument, a gift of a scholarship or a soccer ball or a doll for a child still in this life; being a Big Sister to a child who is orphaned or whose parents are missing from its life. Buy a book for the library incribed with your child's name. Volunteer for UNICEF; perhaps you can travel on a hospital ship helping children all over the world get healthier. There are many, many ways to honor and love your child and help all children through your grace and your loving nature. Get medical and psychological advice concerning your loss and how to prevent another one from occurring. We are here to learn and to share our lives with one another. You can do yourself and others so much good, and have more love in your life than you might ever have known was possible! May you have many more children in your life! I am sending you thoughts of great love and compassion for your situation. You are not alone! You will always have your child in your heart and soul.

November 24, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterwendym