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On May 5th I had a dream. In my dream I walked out of my house and across the street. I bent over and put my hands on the curb. I was able to lift up the ground and see underneath. I was holding the ground above my head with my right hand. I could see cement plates covering the entire underground. In front of me were necklaces that I bought in Mexico. A voice called out “The plates are moving”. Immediately they quickly began to shift towards the left. I quickly scrambled to pick up the necklaces before they moved away from me. With the necklaces in my hand I lowered the ground and walked away. I interpret this to mean a possible earthquake in Mexico.


On May 7th I had a dream. In my dream I moved to Indonesia for a year. I met other tourists who moved for a year as well, and we were living in the same house. During our first week we decided to see the sights. First we went to a temple, than we walked to a beach. It was a long stretch of beach that started at sea level than gradually moved up a hill. I sat at the top of the sand hill on a hard surface with my back pressed against a small fence. A tourist said “The water is cold I went in their earlier today”. Suddenly a huge wave rushed in and consumed the entire beach. The water rose up the my knees and near my waist. It happened so fast I didn’t even see the wave coming. I barley had time to grab my bag and lift my digital camera away from the water. Everyone else who was on the lower parts of the beach were underwater. I interpret this dream to mean a possible tsunami in Indonesia (either soon, or in 1 year).

Has anyone else has similar dreams or premonitions ?

(Occasionally my dreams come true. However this is the first time I dreamt of a natural disaster, and dreaming of 2 in one week is quite amazing)

May 14, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterNicole