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Lifetime Lisa Williams

Psychic Lisa Williams Lifetime TV show currently airs Fridays at 9 pm. Lisa Williams uses her ability to speak with the dead to transform the lives of the people she meets.  The spiky-haired Lisa Williams medium from England as the main cast has connected people with dead relatives, friends, even pets. She also visits houses that appear to be haunted, clearing them of mischievous spirits.

We have a download of Lisa Williams' Lifetime Life Among the Dead trailer for you, below

Season three with new Lisa Williams on Lifetime episodes is being produced currently. You can get bio Lisa Williams and your Lisa Williams tickets now by emailing or contacting the show!

If you are a professional psychic, casting has begun for season two, so submit your applications! If the abilities in the above TV shows sound interesting, SelectPsychics can help guide you to the top psychics in America with many of the skills depicted above.