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Top 100 Psychics

The Search for the 100 Top Psychics

The SelectPsychics team has looked long and far globally in order to put together this list of authentic top 100 psychics and the powerful global psychic network is helping to continually refine this list.

The Top 100 Psychics in America

The top 100 psychic readers below are given by you, the SelectPsychics community, an average rating on a scale from 1-5, 1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest.  The criteria for evaluation of the top 100 psychics include an average of Accuracy (past, present), Accuracy (future), Cost, and Availability. You may find some well known, prominent psychics missing from the list as their waiting list to take in new readees exceeds one year.  If you have a reader you believe should be on the list of the top 100 psychics, please let us know by adding him or her with the button below.  We have compiled the list of America's best psychics and Canada's best psychics and are currently compiling our list of international psychic readers as well...Happy Readings!

Top 100 Psychics' Specialties

The SelectPsychics top 100 psychics use a numerous types of psychic ability to address:

Relationship Psychics: Top Psychics in each of the following aspects of relationship:

  • Psychic Detectives to find a loved one who is out of contact or has disappeared
  • Physic Mediums to speak with a loved one who has crossed over and get closure- like John Edwards psychic, or Allison Dubois depicted in the Medium psychic TV show
  • Pet Psychic Reading, animal communicators, or pet psychics to better understand an animal or pet and how to communicate
  • Psychic Love Reading to better understand help the dynamics in their romantic relationships

General Personal Growth: Top Psychics

  • Clairvoyant Reader for general personal growth:
    • to learn about themselves and your potential
    • to understand their purpose in this lifetime
    • to get insight into past lives and how they are affecting their current life
    • to understand what they are creating and how to change it
    • to communicate with their guides

Health: Top Psychics 

Money: Top Psychics

    • for Career to discover career direction and make choices
    • for Business to gain clarity and wisdom into a business situation and/or crisis, to address money issues and explore how to create more abundance